This page can be used to send a request for a forgotten password. In order to submit the request, please fill out the information below with the email address which you use to log in to the CLINIX SECURE PORTAL, then press "SEND REQUEST".
Once you have submitted your request, you will receive an email message. Simply follow the directions in the message to reset your password.
Enter your username (email address) below:

Please be aware that the use of this password recovery mechanism has the following restrictions:
  • The link contained within the message will only be valid for 60 MINUTES from the time that the request has been submitted.
  • This mechanism can only be used a maximum of TWO TIMES within a 24 hour period
By submitting this information you are certifying that you are a VALID CLINIX SECURE MESSAGE user and that you have the authority to access and administrate the requested account.
Any fraudulent requests for forgotten passwords are in violation of FEDERAL LAW and may be prosecuted as such.